Owner: Derrick Boetsma

Derrick - Owner

I’m a 4th Generation metal worker. With over 20 years of experience in all types of metal finishing, and stainless steel furniture production. I started out in my family foundry business working along side my grandfather, and uncle. Both experts in sand molding, casting, and finishing Of brass, bronze, zinc, and aluminum. For 14 years I learned all operations from top to bottom. The skills I’ve learned through out those years has contributed to the success I have had while mastering the process of finishing stainless steel. After leaving the family business I took on a job at Gilmore Furniture. Over the next 6 years I mastered stainless steel metal finishing. Everything from simple 1 pieces to advanced 3-dimensional furniture with the use of machines and hand tools. Leading the metal finishing department along with abrasive testing, and metal finishing techniques are what I focused on most. I have now taken my skill, and trade I’ve learned over the years to form a company “Stainless Concepts” that is based on class A quality along with cost effective metal finishing solutions.

Stainless Concept

Specializing in Stainless Finishing, Polishing, and Welding

Here at Stainless Concepts we have the ability to MIG & TIG Weld, Polish, and Buff many types of components, of many shapes, and sizes. Our services will guarantee class “A” quality to meet our customer’s needs. We offer short lead times, and cost effective solutions to your welding, surface finishing, and fabrication needs. At Stainless Concepts we have the ability, and flexibility to manufacture, and process large quantity job runs, down to smaller runs. We offer furniture, and fixture prototype builds, as well as design services to get your idea off the drawing board. MIG & TIG welding services from tack welds, and highly visible surface welds to welds that can be taken down to a #8 mirror seamless finish. With our over 20+ years of experience we are able to incorporate our many techniques, and process allowing us to maintain critical dimensions, and surface qualities. We specialize in Stainless steel, as well as mild steel, brass, bronze, zinc, and aluminum.